The Cliffs of Moher

On the west coast of Ireland The Cliffs Of Moher are one of the most outstanding coastal features of Ireland.The cliffs are located in county Clare and lie just south from the Village of Doolin and the Burren. Rising slowly from Doolin they ascend to over 700 feet (213 metres) stretching south for nerarly five miles (8km) to Hags head.

The Cliffs of Moher were origionally the site of a gigantic river delta and were formed about 320 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. The Napoleonic signal tower at Hags Head was built built in 1803, this is close to the site of a long gone 1st century BC ruined fort “Mothar” from which the Cliffs get their name.

Cliffs of Moher       hAGS hEAD

Being almost vertical, their sheer drop into the heaving Atlantic ocean is a haven for sea birds. One can see the Aran Islands, Galway Bay, as well as The Twelve Pins and the Maum Turk Mountains to the north in Connemara and Loop Head to the South, the top is never tiresome.

The cliffs reach their highest point near O'Brien's Tower. A walk along the paved pathways near the cliffs edge cliffs is not to be missed.

Obriens Tower
O'Briens Tower
 Cliffs of Moher Puffin


The Cliffs of Moher is home to a hugh number of nesting seabirds. These include the Atlantic Puffin, Razorbuill, Chough and Common Gull. The area is designated as a Refuge for Fauna since 1988 and as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) under the EU Birds Directive in 1989.


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